Earning a living with pornography is becoming very popular today. Part of that is because there are so many ways to do so. Additionally, sexually explicit content or porno is enjoying a popularity unlike any other time in the past. This besides the fact that there is so much free porn found on the web. While a great deal of adult content is available for nothing, it doesn’t mean sites that offer it don’t make money Ads that pop up, links and other things are just some of the ways adults sites earn money from porn. Even when it is offered to visitors for gratis.

To get a better idea of how lucrative the porn industry is, consider the following:

  • More than 265 adult sites go live online daily
  • Each second, $90 is spent on pornography
  • Adult sites in the USA alone, generated almost 3 billion dollars a few years ago
  • Almost 90 percent of pornography is created in the US.

In the event that you want to be part of this lucrative industry, there are some ways you can earn. A lot of people make money from pornography by uploading content online. The pornographic material can be their own or someone else. However, if it belongs to another person, you have to make sure you are not posting revenge type porno. That is content that is shared with others without the participants consent or knowledge. Many amateur porn videos found online today are recorded by regular everyday individuals. Much of it is recorded using smartphones or inexpensive cameras.

Most of the content found on popular sites such as Pornhub, XHamster and Youjizz for example, comes to them this way. Couples engage in sex who love to record themselves can earn a living this way. They can share their own personal homemade porn videos online. Another way is by downloading pornography from other adult sites. Even if the movie is not your own, you can do so. You do have to brand it using video programs such as Window Movie Maker, for example. Your next step is adding your own water mark to the porn video. This is also great in case you want to promote your personal adult site.

That brings us to the next option which is to create your very own adult site. This is why you see so many new porn web pages appear online daily. You need to buy a domain — your site’s name — hosting and template. All of this can be done by investing less than $200. USD. Make certain that your site is mobile friendly. Over half of the people who view porn online do so from mobile devices. A person can also earn with porn by becoming a webcam model or performer. Women and men make a good living by showcasing their talents via webcams. Keep in mind that you will need to adhere to a schedule just like a normal job. This will allow you to build a following and gain more viewers.

In all, there are several methods people can use to earn a living from pornography. Since adult content is becoming more popular each day, the amount of earning and options keep growing.